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More than a workout. MAR is a community. 

We specialize in small group strength and cardiovascular training, and virtual in-home programs.

You know you need to exercise, we are here to make it easier.

Our small group focus makes it easy to keep you accountable, motivated, and provide you with the individual attention you need. These sessions are more than just "classes". You are working alongside a few others, but treated as an individual. Your workout is adjusted to meet the intensity level you desire with proper form and mechanics.

Constant support from our qualified training staff helps you gain strength, lose fat, and become healthier overall.

All of this in a properly spaced and clean facility.
Let’s get you moving better, more often, and with less discomfort.

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Hear directly from our clients

"I wish I could give MAR more than 5 stars. The staff is WONDERFUL. They are not only knowledgeable but are always more than willing to work with you on any needs. Have a knee problem, an ankle problem? They will adjust as necessary. New to working out? They will adapt for you. Been working out for years? They will challenge you. I can't recommend MAR enough.” - Martha D.

"I've joined and left a great number of gyms in my lifetime, simply because I end up repeating the same exercises over and over again (mostly incorrectly) and then leave. At MAR, the first thing I noticed was just how much the staff truly cares about your well-being and getting you to your goals. Everything about MAR is top notch. The gym is beautiful. The staff is smart, motivational and flexible. As with everything in life, you get what you pay for - and MAR is worth every penny." - Matt F. 

"My strength has seen a huge improvement since I have begun training here. I do both personal training and group classes. The groups are small in that they almost feel like a private training session. The gym is very clean and also a beautiful facility. It is by far the best gym I have ever trained at and would recommend to anyone.” - Monika B. 

"Best gym in the Western Burbs!  They take the time to understand your limitations and design a program to fit your needs.   All 4 trainers are very knowledgeable and provide great workouts." - Justin B. 

Share the experience of strength training and functional movement with 3 to 4 others. These sessions combine the benefits of individualized attention and group camaraderie.


Our high energy Team Conditioning classes will challenge you metabolically while you work on your balance, stability and overall movement quality in our Movement Improvement class.

How Do You Get Started?

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One of our professionals will contact you to schedule your MARFit Strategy Session. You will receive a tour, meet the staff, determine a plan for your goals, and receive a short movement analysis.

You will leave the session with a plan in hand!

Meet Mike


I'm passionate about your results and the experience you have getting them. Providing you with a positive environment that also challenges you makes any of your goals achievable.

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